Friday, February 10, 2012

Sugar-Free Eating and Weight loss - Artificial Sweeteners are OUT

Well - according to new research, artificial sweeteners DO NOT help you lose weight! In fact they may even do the opposite!

Let's take a look at the research; 

In a study two groups of rats were fed yoghurt. In the first group the yoghurt was sweetened with sugar. In the second group it was sweetened with saccharin. Over two weeks the rats given saccharin yoghurt ate more than the other rats, which meant their appetite had been stimulated. They also gained more weight and their body fat increased.

Not Good. 

AND - the rats fed with saccharin showed a decrease in core temperature which means their metabolism had SLOWED DOWN. [The Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience 2008:feb, Swithers, Davidson]

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